Thursday, June 9, 2016

Construction & Painting & Sodding = Two Tired Old Folks

Storm house was installed this week. For this we are really
thankful.  We live in a  tornado area.  When finished,  we
had a mountain of dirt  beside it. Hubby got on the tractor
and started spreading it. Once finished, we  planted grass
seed, and  mulched it.

Lots of dirt to spread.

There was a falling down little shed here.[sorry I lost
my before photo]. Hubby put new siding and a door
on it. It is now the gardening shed. aka-- hold all the
hoes/rakes/shovels/ tiller,etc. When he finished, I painted
it. We hauled some of the left over dirt and made
flower beds beside it. Since this photo, I have planted
some hostas  beside it. More flowers to come.

Dirty White yard chairs are on their way to being Robin's egg
blue.. I have 1 settee, 1 chair, and one stool. I painted these yesterday, and want to get them finished soon.

The settee and stool are painted.. I lack one chair.. Can't wait
to work on this sitting area..

You can't tell... but a new septic system, was put in this
week also.. It is finished, but we were left with another
mountain of dirt..  Poor ole hubby has moved alot
of dirt. We sodded this area too..SO hopefully, we will
have grass soon??? This use to be a pretty area. 

Hope your enjoying your summer.. Getting your projects all
done.  It has gotten hot here.. We were at 97 degrees today..

Did I forget to tell you??? We stopped and rested , and
had nice cold lemonade and homemade chocolate chip
cookies on the cool porch... [That part was really nice! smile]

This weeks Menu 
Sunday- Roast n gravy [crockpot], rice,  green beans, rolls
Monday- Leftover roast, peas,  squash dressing, cornbread
Tuesday- Cheeseburgers- chips and dip/ fruit salad
Wednesday- Barbque ribs- butterbeans- squash -
Thursday- BLT- french fries 

Menu plan for rest of week
Friday-  out to eat
Saturday- shrimp- homemade fries- apple slaw
Sunday-  Barbque sandwich- slaw- chips

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Making Lists and Checking them Twice

Christmas is getting close..Are you getting
your list completed?

I am a list maker..[lots of list].. Some gets done and
some doesn't. But, that's ok..It helps to keep me organized.

Shopping List
 I made a list of all the baking I would be doing during
the holidays. I checked pantry and freezer first, then
added what ever else that needed to be bought.
Today I finished that list, and found a few staples
on sale. Such as cream cheese 79 cents, Brown sugar-
$1.00 for 2 lbs. Evaporated milk- 59 cents a can. I bought
12 cans. The only Items I will be buying, will be another
turkey and ham..Waiting on a good sale.

Gift buying List
I make a list of everyone I buy gifts for.. I do a general
idea of what I want to purchase for each. I mark them
off, as I buy them. I also mark them off , as I wrap them.
I am almost completely finished with this list also.YEA!!
I still have a couple items that I ordered on line, waiting
on them to arrive.

Cleaning List..
this list is always so long...   I make a list of daily things to do,
and also weekly things to do. Then I make my list of
 the holiday chores that must be finished before my
company arrives.

Decorating List
I make decorating list, and  gift making list.
I am still working on these things.. and probably all
my ideas, will never get finished.ha But it is fun to
work on these projects.

I have posted some of my house decorations on my 
sewing /crafting blog. Check it out.

Hope your getting your list done and have checked it twice.
Praying for a Blessed and Merry Christmas.

Please pray for my mom, she is in the hospital with pneumonia.

Friday, November 6, 2015

Grocery Shopping - November 5

During the month of November and Early December,
I will be looking for  Holiday items on sale.. Such as:
Baking needs- 
chocolate/butterscotch chips
Cool whip
Pie shells
Graham cracker crumbs
Eagle brand milk
Pet milk

Food items for holidays:
sweet potatoes
cranberry sauce [I try to buy extra to have throughout the year]
Red Potatoes
Powdered sugar
Brown Sugar

These are the items I found this week. Will comp ad them at  Wal mart, since these stores are an hour from me..[wal mart is 20 minutes away]. I will list the regular items and my holiday items.

cabbage .39 lb                                    
tomatoes -.99 lb
cream cheese- .79
Brown and powdered sugar- 2 lb package-$1.19
cream of chicken/mushroom/onion soup- .59
Cresent rolls- .99
Buy 5 and get these prices..[which I bought more than 5]-crisco oil-1.79-crisco spray pam- 1.39-eagle brand milk 1.39
pasta noodles-.69 lb
Shredded cheeses- 1.25 [8oz]- bought 6 for the freezer]
Ground beef- 1.89
Red potatoes-2.48 [10 lbs]
Turkey cooking bag-.99
Turkey-- buy $100 .00 purchase- .49 lb.. [ got the turkey for $9]

I was able to get a good bit of  items for my holiday cooking.
I will continue to watch for hams and turkey for the freezer.[as the days get closer, I am hoping to see some lower prices]

Have a blessed day.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Cleaning/ Frugal Living in my World

Cleaning.... Yes, sometimes I feel just like this.
The everyday  , over and over task!!!!!!!
 But, we must do them and don't  we feel so much happier
once we get the house all clean and sparkley?

This week, I have been doing some extra cleaning, I always
like to do  a big cleaning, before the holidays.

Here are some of my  pre- holiday chores.

1- living room --- move furniture away from walls, and wash the
walls and base boards. Wipe  the pictures and things on the
wall, down with a bucket of cleaning solution. Clean out
the  coat closet.. Hang extra hangers in  it, for visitors coats.
Dust all furniture, including washing lamps and  shades.Mop
floors. If weather permits,  wash curtains.

2- Kitchen-  clean out  the kitchen cabinets and wash them down.
 Wash down table and chairs [even the underside]. Clean the  stove,refrigerator and all other small appliances. Mop.

3-Bathrooms- do the normal cleanings. Plus... wash off sink cabinets, and wipe off walls.

I will attempt to get to the  bedrooms next week.. The holidays
visitors and  all the fun prep will be starting soon.. Better get
started.... it will be here before you know it. ha

 What are some ways , you prepare for the holidays?

Enjoy the upcoming holidays with your families.. and remember
God loves you.

Next weeks..."  hope" to do list:
1- work on Christmas gifts [sewing and crafting]
2-Make grocery list for holiday cooking..
3-Check pantry for supplies I allready have ,and things
that need restocking.
4-Spend more time reading my bible.
5-If weather permits.....wash my "dirty" car.

Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Little of This and A Little of That[DIY, sewing, & baking]

Lamp Make Over
These lamps are old, I have had them for years,
I decided to paint them white and add new shades.

Preparing Them for painting.

Two new lamps.. Love how the white contrast
with the walls. The shade are so pretty in person..

Lamps in use.

Biblical Costume
For a sweet little boy , for his Christmas School play.

Blondie Brownies
Of course, Mom needs to do a little baking,
after all this work? And all those calories, call
for a Diet coke!!! lol

Have a blessed day!!

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Frozen Costume Sewing... for Spirit week at School

            My granddaughters have spirit week at school next week,
        Disney day is Wednesday.. I made Emily Elsa last year,        and  I am  making Callie the  Anna.. 
 Working on the house, is postponed..[as granddaughters call].
Sewing is in action..  check it out at my other blog. 

Have a blessed week..

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Fall/Autumn Decorating on a Budget

Fall is in the air.. The leaves are beginning to fall.. The  temps 
outside are wonderful..  I am in the mood to decorate my house.
I don't do  a lot of decorating for fall. Most of what you see here,
will be Dollar tree/Dollar General  or Sale finds over time.

Fall place mats-- I have had for years. I found
them on clearance at Dollar General after the
holidays..for 50 cents each. The two ceramic
pumpkins came from Dollar Tree, several years

My ceramic pumpkin candy dish with lid, came from
 Wal mart..It too , was bought on clearance after the
holidays.. I think I paid $1 for it. The little chalk
board bucket [ I wrote Give Thanks on it], I found
at a junk store for  25 cents. And here is the pumpkin
pillow I made recently.It was made from  a black/white
gingham check from my stash.. and the  pumpkin
ribbon came from the Dollar Tree. I made a pillow insert,
and  stuffed with plastic wal mart bags. [free..gotta love
it].Then made the  envelope pillow cover .[I will be able
to take the insert out and use at Christmas with a Christmas
pillow. [2 for the price of 1] . ha.

The 2 Thanksgiving Angel figurines , were given
to me for my Birthday, years ago.. By my son and
daughter in law.  Got both of the  pumpkins at the
junk store..50 cents each.. Spray painted the white one.
These were this years  purchases.
ps... Bonus...  the cute little boy in the curio cabinet..
Is tooo cute...[it happens to be Kenny ].. [Me and \
my mom, in the other photo..]

The plastic pumpkin display , I made last year/
 I got an 88 cent plastic jack o lantern [that kids use
to hold trick or treat candy]. I took the handle off,
turned it backward[to hide the pumpkin face ,ha,
 added ribbon all the way around it. Used some old fall
flowers , I already had.  The mat in the chair, is one
of the 50 cent place mats , I got at  Dollar General.

Ok...Not much.. but added a pumpkin
pick, I got at wal mart for 88 cents.

My fall wreath, I made this year , from an old
wreath, I already had..  I shared it with you earlier.

Now... who can  do that fall decorating , with out cooking
some yummy bread, to get that smell in the house?
One loaf of blueberry nut and one loaf of cranberry/zuchinni/nut.
YUMMY!!! [wish you were here to share it with us]